14AndOut stop smoking program sweeping Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and YouTube! Hottest program!

For Many, This Program comes as a Blessing in Disguise!

14AndOut stop smoking program sweeping Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and YouTube! Hottest program!

Some blessings come in disguise, and this is one of them. Many smokers find the 14AndOut program because one of their friends or loved ones shared a link to one of my YouTube videos, or to one of my blogs, or they saw one of my books of matches at a bar or restaurant that says “Quit smoking in 14 days or less! Or, “Make this your last book of matches!” Some people hear about 14AndOut because Mike Adams of Natural News posted one of our Skype interviews on line, or he published one of my professional articles, or better yet,  one of his reporters wrote a review and covered one or more key elements of the 14AndOut program plan. God bless people who share! Share this video after you quit smoking, with your friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers who smoke and talk about quitting. They can also buy the video, or the audio, or the Kindle/Nook downloadable version, but I recommend the paperback book because the written word is POWERFUL.


Besides 14AndOut being a program that helps you quit smoking for good, 14AndOut is a way of life you will always use as a strategy for overcoming adversity and staying positive. Although my grandfather smoked himself to death when I was a little boy and I didn’t get to spend much of my life with him, I feel that his soul has come back to visit me and help me reach out to smokers with a desire to quit, so they and you too can live smoke free for the rest of your lives, and never suffer like he did, especially his last two years. My grandfather Sol Gross was a good man, who served in the Army and was a semi-pro golfer. He sold hats to stores along the Eastern seaboard that were made in the USA, and he was a great father for my mother. If he were here today to see how many people I have saved from cigarettes by the natural method, I just know he would cry with joy and hug me!


now Imagine this:

You’ve quit smoking, and you’re spending $150 less per month. Your clothes don’t smell like smoke, your breath is fresh and you’ve been working out and feel great. Then stress comes. Some situation arises and some friend standing next to you lights up a cigarette … and so you stare at it for a second, and then you laugh a little to yourself and then smiling at your friend, you put up your first two fingers, and pretend to take a drag. Then you take a deep breath and grab a water bottle, knowing you’re a non-smoker who is never going back.


Hey, it’s all mental from there.



Here’s what you learn in 60 minutes!

• Why 14AndOut has proven results and a high success ratio for getting smokers to stop smoking forever. • Why 95% of smokers who quit without help go back within 6 months. • The risks of taking pharmaceuticals like Chantix and Zyban. • Why the pills fail so many smokers who try them. • Know why the nicotine patch and nicotine gum are far cries from real help. • Understand why hypnotherapy and electronic cigs are rarely the answer. • Find out how and why the nicotine potency you’re getting is 35 times stronger than you think. • Know exactly what the body needs to kill the cravings of nicotine. • Whether you smoke for relaxation or confidence, this program is designed for you. • Whether you smoke a pack a day or two packs a day, you can still quit within two weeks. • Even if you’ve been smoking for twenty years, these strategies apply to you. • Find out why cigarettes burn so hot, so evenly, and never go out in heavy wind, and how this heightens the addiction. • Get the inside scoop on which household chemicals are used to manufacture a cigarette in order to keep you hooked. • Understand why it’s the chemicals in cigarettes more than the nicotine that’s fueling the habit and the vicious cycle. • Know how Marlboro almost put all other brands out of business and how that plays into premium brands hooking more smokers. • Learn how to replace bad habits with good, natural, healthy ones that keep you from ever being a smoker again. • Understand how breathing patterns changed when you became a smoker, and how you can get back to having healthy lungs and a healthy heart. • Learn how you can wake up in the morning without coughing or needing a cigarette. • Get knowledge of proper nutrients, antioxidants, herbs and supplements recommended by highly regarded professionals who understand the process of quitting smoking. • Take a 20 question pretest to test your knowledge of your habit, and then hear the answers and explanations that reveal all the secrets of how to stop smoking. • Straight talk on central nervous system deficiencies and how to feel “normal” and “relaxed or excited” without nicotine. • Say goodbye to nervousness, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and a host of others symptoms of smokers who stop smoking – this course is 100% natural and organic. • The knowledge you gain from the 14AndOut video is yours forever; nobody can steal it and you can’t lend it out and forget to get it back. • As a non-smoker, you won’t be a burden for those around you, including the ones you love most. You will save thousands of dollars and have new energy for the extra-curricular activities you enjoy.


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