parents of small children more likely to stop smoking if given the right program

kid smokeA massive research project conducted by Harvard Medical School  and Massachusetts General Hospital reveals that parents who seek help  with the right cessation program are much more likely to stop smoking  than those attempting to quit on their own. Over 7,000 parents were studied in  18 different studies, and the parents were offered self help materials,  counseling, and/or medications by their pediatricians.
Many of the  interventions included a visit to a well-baby or “well-child” clinic. The  research tracked parental activity and success rates for over a year. The  conclusion: Pediatricians who recommend the right cessation programs to  the parents were more likely to see them stop smoking, especially because of the  “teachable moment” during the visit, regarding their children’s  vulnerability to the devastating effects of the tobacco smoke ( Though they are considered short  term studies, Dr. Winickoff at Harvard Medical School says they are  “worth pursuing,” and that the best programs will enable nearly every parent  to quit smoking.
Sue Curry, the Dean of University of Iowa’sCollege of Public Health, says that one of her studies, included in  the analysis, found that mothers who were given a quitting guide  along with counseling advice were twice as likely to quit as  mothers who didn’t receive this kind of help.
Research shows that the  children of parents who  smoked during pregnancy have inflamed arterial walls, which is linked to a  higher risk of cardiovascular disease, asthma, sudden infant death syndrome  (SIDS), and a long list of other critical illnesses.

Behavior and nutrition

not addressed by the pills,

the patch, nic gum, or  electronic cigarettes

The best chance any smoker has of quitting is to seek  help and use a program that gives insight to the culprits of the  addiction:
• Commercial cigarettes contain up to 4,000 chemicals,  wreaking havoc on the central nervous system, which causes the smoker to “need”  the nicotine stimulant as a temporary escape from nervousness and anxiety. The  nicotine is only temporary relief from the “cigarette hangover.”
• Smokers develop up to 20 behavioral habits which are not addressed by the  pills, the patch, nicotine gum, or electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). These  behavioral habits include ritualized breathing patterns, hundreds of  hand-to-mouth motions, environment changes, and much more.
• Smoking  cigarettes severely depletes nutrients in the smoker’s body, perpetuating  a whole host of illnesses. Without proper counseling and nutritional advice, 95%  of smokers who quit end up returning to smoking within 6 months (
The  best option for parents is an all natural program, which cuts out all the  chemicals, including nicotine. 14AndOut( combines  behavioral and nutritional advice that most smokers need in order to remain  non-smokers, which is the true goal (as opposed to quitting and going back after  something stressful occurs).
By interviewing hundreds of smokers over  the course of 3 years, the teacher/author of 14AndOut provides a close look at the vicious cycle of smoking  commercial cigarettes, and then walks the smoker through exactly how they can wean off the habit in 14 days or less. This 60 minute downloadable  video comes with simple strategic instructions and a nutritional guide  that helps replace bad habits with good ones and replenish a depleted  system, so the “student” never returns to smoking again.
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