Understanding the war between nicotine and dopamine helps smokers quit in time for New Year 2013

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Every smoker and ex-smoker knows that nicotine is the major culprit of the  smoking addiction. In addition, they may even know that cigarette manufacturers  use ammonia to free-base nicotine in order to boost it’s addictive hook  up to 35 times. Yet, scarce is the man or woman who understands how  nicotine functions like a dopamine imposter, raising levels of this “feel  good” chemical in the body artificially.
Nicotine also acts as an  enabler, widening capillaries, allowing for the rush of the 4,000 plus chemicals  in a commercial cigarette to penetrate cells and foster anxiety,  nervousness, and sickness. Dopamine can also raise levels of awareness and  general pleasure, but the problem is that as dopamine levels increase  from the use of cigarettes, natural chemical reactions in the body like dopamine and serotonin decrease their natural production. When a  smoker tries to quit cold turkey, they experience days, weeks, and sometimes  months of depression and anxiety, mainly because their dopamine production  levels cannot recover quickly enough. Ever hear of people getting very “cranky”  after they quit? The central nervous system is so accustomed to being  nurtured with nicotine, it’s almost like a border-line diabetic’s body, which barely produces insulin because it’s so accustomed to a high sugar diet  (http://whyquit.com/whyquit/linksaaddiction.html).

Replenish with a natural supplement

which boosts dopamine levels

and ends  the cravings

Put simply, nicotine damages dopamine production for  smokers, so to supplement the production of dopamine is the ultimate  way to help a smoker quit, and quit for good. Even though the smoking habit  is also a behavior addiction, the “feel good” drug aspect is stronger and  is the driving force for smokers to return to the habit when something stressful  comes along, unless they know how and how much to supplement (http://www.raysahelian.com/dopamine.html).
The highly under-estimated issue for smokers is that commercial tobacco is  “free-based” with ammonia and has been for about 50 years. Marlboro got busted  in the 1990’s and admitted to it, and then paid off Blue Cross and Blue  Shield over 4 billion dollars to “let it rest,” basically so they  could keep doing it. Then all the other major brands learned the news of the  “hook trick” and starting doing it as well (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobacco_Master_Settlement_Agreement).

Ammonia cooked with tobacco

makes the nicotine up to

35 times as strong

The function of ammonia in commercial cigarette manufacturing is to turn the  nicotine into a vapor ready form by converting bound molecules into free  molecules. If you are smoking commercial cigarettes, you’re getting up to 100mg  of potency in one cigarette. This alone wrecks the body’s ability  to properly regulate dopamine and serotonin  levels, balancing the entire process on three fulcrums: the potency of  the brand being smoked, how many cigarettes are smoked per day, and when the cigarettes are being smoked. This is why so many smokers grab a  cigarette and light it up before or after something stressful, or a situation  which requires energy and motivation (http://quitsmoking.about.com/od/nicotine/a/nicotineeffects.htm).
Why  do most nicotine related cessation programs fail? Nicotine gum delivers  between 2 and 4 milligrams per piece. Nothing close to the amount received from  smoking an ammonia-treated “cig.” The nicotine  patches deliver less than 1 mg (between .5 and .9 mg) each hour, and that’s on a  slow, fairly constant release into the blood. Again, nothing like the nicotine  vapors in a commercial cigarette, which reach the heart and brain within 3  seconds. Medications like Chantix and Zyban do not contain nicotine at all, but  block the brain’s receptors to it, creating a very dangerous “wall” which can  also disrupt dopamine and serotonin from reaching proper regions in the brain.  This is exactly why suicide is a side effect of these two prescription medicines  (http://abcnews.go.com).
Visualize the war that’s  going on inside a smoker’s brain: Nicotine versus Dopamine. Natural fight  or flight reactions are now becoming nervous disorders. Organic feelings and  emotions about life in general become exaggerated problems which seem  insurmountable at times. After long term use of high-potency cigarettes (about  15 to 20 years), a person can permanently cripple the dopamine system, and ruin  the ability to feel pleasure at all without first smoking a  cigarette.
Understanding and addressing the chemistry of it all is the  cure. Dopamine functions in your brain to help you deal with stress,  anxiety, and relaxation, and should occur naturally, instead of being chemically  induced. This is what cigarette manufacturers realized 50 years ago and this is  the hook which keeps smokers addicted and pulls them “back in” when they  quit.
The current scare tactics in smoking advertisements do not offer  sensible options for quitting the habit, if any of them even offer an option at  all. If you smoke and want  to quit using a natural method, one which addresses this insight directly, look  into a program which not only addresses nicotine, but offers solutions to the  actual body chemistry and balance needed to stay smoke free for life. 14AndOut, “How to stop smoking in 14 days or less,” teaches this method  and is recommended by the Health Ranger (http://premium.naturalnews.tv/14AndOut__TV.htm).
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