Forever end the anxiety, nervousness and sickness; quit smoking today with 14AndOut empowerment program!

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Every smoker and ex-smoker knows that nicotine is the major culprit of the smoking addiction, and they may even know that cigarette manufacturers use ammonia to free-base nicotine to boost it’s addictive hook up to 35 times, but scarce is the man or woman who understands how nicotine functions like a dopamine imposter, raising levels of this “feel good” chemical in the body artificially. Have you ever smelled ammonia? If you have some, take a small sniff. That’s enough to end the habit right there. We are going to get you off of AMMONIA starting today.

You see, ammonia treated nicotine also acts as an enabler, widening capillaries, allowing for the rush of the 4,000 plus chemicals in a commercial cigarette to penetrate cells and foster anxiety, nervousness, and sickness. That is the hook. That is the scam.

Dopamine can also raise levels of awareness and general pleasure. However, as dopamine levels increase from the use of cigarettes, natural chemical reactions in the body like dopamine and serotonin decrease their natural production, so when a smoker tries to quit cold turkey, they experience days, weeks, and sometimes months of depression and anxiety, mainly because their dopamine production levels cannot recover quickly enough. Do you understand now? The central nervous system is so accustomed to being nurtured with nicotine.

What can you do to fix this?

Only 14AndOut gives you this answer. No other cessation program brings you this ultimate insight and the natural remedies that you can buy “over the counter” OTC without a prescription!

Replacing nicotine with a natural supplement that boosts dopamine levels ends the cravings! Put simply, nicotine damages dopamine production for smokers, so supplementing the production of dopamine is the ultimate way to help a smoker quit, and quit for good. Even though the smoking habit is also a behavior addiction, the “feel good” drug aspect is stronger and is the driving force for smokers to return to the habit when something stressful comes along, unless they know how to supplement and exactly what to buy!

Forever end the anxiety, nervousness and sickness; quit smoking today with 14AndOut empowerment program!


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