STOP SMOKING FOR SUMMER 2013 and Get in Shape! 14AndOut knows how to help you

cig butts
14AndOut – How to Stop Smoking in 14 Days or Less!

The All Natural Method to Quit Cigarettes, by the Stop Smoking King

14AndOut is the “buzz” of Natural News Stop Smoking Drive for Summer of 2013

Invented and taught by an ex-smoker, this 60 minute video download has only been on the market for 18 months, and has sold over 600 videos and cured people of the habit in classes at public libraries in U.S. With a staggering ratio of success over 90%, the testimonials keep coming in. A positive, drug-free, common sense approach that combines behavior modification and nutrition, you can’t go wrong. End the “buzz” addiction of commercial cigarettes and move into the organic world, the right way, for good. Find out from the Health Ranger what this program entails in his free preview/trailer* discussing the highlights with the instructor and inventor.

Mike Adams has appeared with the “Stop Smoking King” from 14AndOut on Skype and is featured on YouTube reviewing the product. Find out more now and share this with friends, relatives, co-workers, or even neighbors who speak of quitting smoking and want the Natural News on it!


Health Ranger on YouTube covering 14AndOut!

Great Natural News Article Published about Program Highlights:


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