When will you stop smoking?

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When will you stop smoking, today, next month, or maybe next year? 14AndOut says in 14 days you will be done forever! And just what is 14AndOut, or WHO is it, and what have they been through in order to be able to tell me about MY future, my wants and desires, my needs or my priorities?

Does this person or entity, 14AndOut, know what the inside of my lungs look like, or do they have some relative who battled cancer and lost? Does 14AndOut, the all natural method to quitting cigarettes, does this personal program guarantee results, or am I just guaranteed to have the knowledge it takes to quit, once and for all, and never take another drag of those nasty bleached chemical sticks full of corporate poison?

Have you tried to quit before and gone back? How were you dragged back in, if so, by your heels screaming, or just by lighting up ONE cigarette when you were stressed out or just goofing at a bar or maybe a concert? What one event pulled you back into using toxins to temporarily “feel better?” Let me tell you this, I’m done asking questions and ready to teach you the way out. It takes sixty minutes to learn, and just 14 days to finish, and that’s it. You’re done. 95% success with a natural program for people who want to feel “natural” again, and be happy without cigarettes, and be happy when they “don’t have one,” and look forward to the next urge NOT to have one, because 14AndOut brings you nutrition and behavior modification like you’ve never seen before, and I guarantee THAT.

You may have tried to quit cold turkey, or with the patch, or those dreaded psycho pills doctors prescribe that block your mental drive, or maybe you even tried hypnosis, or nicotine gum (biggest joke of all), or maybe you’re smoking e-cigs (electronic cigarettes) and you’re wondering if the nicotine addiction is still the major part of your problem, and it is, so I will tell you how to rid yourself of this false motivation, of this false confidence, of this false form of relaxation, of this false form of meditation, and we will get REAL with it all, and you will love your health again.

When you quit smoking, your clothes smell good again, and your breath, and you want to eat healthy and you WANT to exercise, its just human nature. Chemicals in “cigs” has temporarily dampened all of this, and to what degree, only you know. Cut off the fuel of the problem and you cut off the snake’s head! This is the beginning of the end of your habit. The end of the “Man” – whether it be the Marlboro Man or the Camel that’s got you reeling; you see, you are at the end of that phase, that period of your life when you smoked cigarettes; that period of your life when you WERE a smoker. You can smile when you tell people you USED to be a smoker. Say it right now once while you’re smiling and see how good you feel: “I used to be a smoker.” Nod your head and smile. You finally found the “way out.” Goodbye Newports, goodbye menthols, goodbye Hilton, goodbye Red and White, goodbye Dunhill, goodbye Pall Mall, goodbye Parliament, goodbye L&M, and yes, goodbye Winston.

14AndOut, the all natural method to quit smoking in 14 days or less!

Learn from the teacher, author, ex-smoker, and creator of the program.
This is available on video download and comes with the nutritional guide!

Here’s the free preview: http://premium.naturalnews.tv/14AndOut__TV.htm

Here’s the website: http://www.14andout.com/

Here’s 14AndOut on Natural News TV and Mike Adams the Health Ranger’s insight, questions, and recommendation:

Here’s the teacher of 14AndOut on YouTube speaking about knowledge as POWER! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDsNb-luG1o&list=FL6YznyNYCNGaKr3OSLB8mWg&index=1&feature=plpp_video


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