Change your view and help someone quit smoking

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Most people do not feel sorry for people who smoke cigarettes, because the non-smokers say that smokers know the health dangers, and if they cared about their health, they would quit, or maybe they wouldn’t have started smoking in the first place. In actuality, that’s not the case at all. Nearly every smoker who smokes a pack a day or more, right now, would quit if they COULD quit. Cigarettes are so powerful – the nicotine is so potent now that it comes in vapor form, that people who just smoked a few cigarettes a day, maybe at bars when drinking or just when they were really stressed out, those people got pulled into the cigarette “undertow” and they can’t escape. Some smokers have tried repeatedly to quit and have failed. So now, who cares about people who smoke again? Who cares about people who indulged just “a little” and are now part of a huge health scam to keep people addicted to the world’s 3rd strongest drug? Who cares about people who started off young, smoking just to look cool or because of peer pressure, who now smoke 2 or even 3 packs a day, and want to quit, but can’t? Will those smokers still be viewed as people who “should have known better” or ones who “if they knew what was good for them,” would have quit?

There are about 46,000,000 smokers “indulging” right now in the United States. How many would quit in the next two weeks, if they only knew how? Care to take a survey? How many smokers understand their physiology, and how many understand that there are many reasons why they smoke, and why they can’t quit? Most smokers think it’s just about the nicotine, and if they could find a substitute for that, they’d be good to go, but that is simply not true. The CDC, Center for Disease Control, knows this. The recent campaign of SCARY advertisements gets dismal results where only 4% of smokers who see the ads even attempt to quit smoking, and less than half that percent actually quit for more than six months. Showing gruesome pictures of someone who smokes through a hole in their neck isn’t helping many people quit their 2-packs-a-day habit.
Common sense and empathy for smokers: It is obvious that cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals and that people should “know better,” but that’s not enough. Everyone should consider the fact that most smokers do NOT KNOW HOW to quit, and if they did, they would at least try. Take a different perspective. Maybe there is a method out there, a natural method, that educates the smoker about their chemical addiction, and trades out their bad behaviors for good ones, healthy ones, and maybe that method includes natural remedies and nutrition as part of the core lesson.

It’s time to change that “bum wrap” into “wrap up” the addiction and dispose of it for good! Let’s get right to the point here and change this awful disposition people have about other humans caught up in a bad health trap. After all, it is a TRAP, not a wrap, that’s got 45,000,000 Americans hooked. There is a yellow brick road to good health and it starts with a natural program recommended by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams: (



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