The Healing Fountain is creating waves in Virginia Beach

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The Healing Fountain is creating huge waves of positivity in Virginia Beach. How does Pamela Hopkins help so many people so quickly, some within 15 minutes of discussion?

Holistic Life Coaching is a combination of Traditional Social Work Therapy combined with Spiritual Guidance, Intuition, Metaphysical Teaching, and Energy Therapy. If you are ready to create profound positive change in all areas of your life now, you will be amazed and transformed as you work with Pamela Hopkins LC.S.W.  Pamela quickly targets patterns of thoughts, emotions and actions that cause negative and positive results within one’s lifestyle (within relationships, career, money, or health).  She effortlessly moves you into a holistic transformational process creating, desired change, using an intuitive combination of traditional therapy, metaphysics, and energetic coaching techniques.

Clients are sharing their stories!

After a few weeks of energy therapy I am free of the severe anxiety /panic attacks I suffered…

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