Putting it all together from the year 1915 to 2015 – Tobacco, Vaccines and GMO Fraud! – A compilation of landmark research

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Informed Vaccine Skeptics now have PROOF of vaccine dangers from top insiders and credited science geniuses. Natural News Tracker is Tracking Natural Health News this morning and Mike Adams reports this:

” A hard-hitting new video reveals how America’s corporate science culture war on informed vaccine skeptics mirrors the crimes against humanity carried out by Third Reich scientists operating under the Nazi regime. Click here to watch the video on TV.NaturalNews.com, a privately-run video site which cannot be censored by YouTube or Google.”http://www.naturalnews.com/048975_Third_Reich_Nazi_scientists_medical_experimentation.html#ixzz3UGkLfFx7

Are you still on the fence about GMOs and vaccines? Do you feel it would be conspiracy theory to talk with your friends and family about the dangers of eating pesticide or injecting toxic heavy metals and mercury? The Jews of the Holocaust suffered not only the torture from SS Nazi’s – military police and scientists at the concentration camps, but they were given fluoridated…

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