Stop Smoking King BLOWS AWAY the CDC’s statistics for getting smokers to quit for good!

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They call him the “Stop Smoking King.” Thousands of people have quit cigarettes by simply switching to organic tobacco for the last 14 days, learning some behavior modification secrets the inventor (an ex-smoker) teaches and shares, and infusing superfood nutrition you can find at any health food store, including Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

Affording Smokers the Opportunity to Quit

Statistics say that half of all smokers would quit if they knew how. More than 95% of smokers who try to quit WITHOUT HELP go back within 6 months to at least a pack a day. That means that of the 45,000,000 smokers in the United States, more than 22,000,000 would like to quit right now, and would, but don’t know how. Those people probably already tried to quit and failed, whether by patch, medication, hypnosis, nicotine gum, cold turkey or even electronic cigarettes. The first thing any former smoker will say in retort is a story about themselves or someone else quitting cold turkey with no help. Sure, there are plenty of people who pull it off. In fact, 5% of 45,000,000 Americans. That’s two-and-a-quarter million people. Excellent. Now what about the rest. They have NO guide and they need one. The scary CDC ads only help 4% of smokers quit, and that’s with no nutritional help. Half of those people will go back. What kind of help is that? Why will those former smokers return? The chemicals in cigarettes make them such a nervous wreck they need nicotine to pull them out of it, every hour, and for some, every half-hour of the day. But what if they could pull themselves right out by smoking organic tobacco the last 14 days of their habit, and that was the secret to weaning off tobacco and right onto nutrition, energy, vitality, and yes detoxification. Want to exercise? You will. Want to do something positive to help other people? You will. Second hand smoke is no joke. When you quit you will be amazed how many people congratulate you. You will be afforded THAT opportunity. Keep reading.

At the Moment you FEEL the Need …

Why do smokers go back, after they’ve quit and seemingly gotten past it? Stress. Stress is the number one cause of recidivism. And why does stress get the best of them? Because their bodies have been depleted of nutrition for years, and the recovery is not working without nicotine because ex-smokers usually get NO advice on proper nutrition to replenish their levels of vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, Superfoods, spring water, and of course, vitamin D. Vitamin D is played down by mainstream media and doctors for good reason – hospitals don’t get repeat business when you take vitamin D. The recommended daily allowance is taught to be very low, and this is well researched. This is the beginning of the wealth of knowledge you get when you choose the right path – – out of cigarettes and back to the organic you that YOU once knew. At the moment you “feel the need” for a cigarette, you simply supplement with superfood and practice your breathing ritual, that one you used to do with cigarettes, you know, slow long breath in, hold for a couple seconds, then nice long breath out. Repeat a dozen times or so, look up at the sky, nibble on your superfood snack and get back to what you do so well, now that you’re healthy and happy, your clothes don’t smell, your breath doesn’t smell, and your lungs are clear. At the moment you feel the need to quit cigarettes, just pick up the guide, because if you have the will, the organic method is the way.

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Where there’s a will, there’s ALWAYS a way!

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The Stop Smoking King is on Youtube. The Stop Smoking King is on NaturalNewsTV. You may be seeing him on SharkTank next season, and then instead of just thousands of smokers quitting cigarettes, millions of smokers will choose to be smoke free, and instead of 5% succeeding, 95% will succeed. Do you have willpower and the desire to quit cigarettes right now. You now have the guide. Remember, where there’s a will, there’s always a way. You just found the way. No need to reinvent the wheel, it’s already rolling. Rolling organic tobacco, that is. This is done without medication and without any gimmicks. Laugh away your problem because you will never crave another cigarette as long as you live. Get in shape for spring and summer. End the cigarette hangover! You can do this. Tell a friend who smokes what you’ve discovered – – The Stop Smoking King!

Organic Method 14 & Out available by book, e-book and VIDEO (60 minute instructional streaming download). Nutrition guide from “Don’t Eat Cancer” book is excellent and saves the new non-smoker from having to do all the research and planning. This is a printable guide and the video instruction reveals exactly why so many people couldn’t quit smoking without such a guide. This program affords smokers an opportunity to quit they would have otherwise never even known.


Organic Method Trailer to 60-Minute Video Course:

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Nutrition Guide is based on new book “Don’t Eat Cancer” also available on Amazon:

The Stop Smoking King:


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