Attention FDA and CDC: Why not mandate mercury, aluminum and fluoride supplements with Obamacare, since they’re all natural and good for you?

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ng lies

The biggest lies are most likely to be believed, and that’s why National Geographic is telling us a few of them, mixed in with climate change. Even if vaccinations didn’t lead to autism (which they do), why would a “nature” and “science” magazine tout them or blast them either way? It’s obvious it’s a sales tactic, and the money must be streaming in. Vaccines are a violent way to conjure up an immune reaction, and they are laced with mercury and formaldehyde. It’s like embalming the living and expecting healthy results. This is NOT science and National Geographic knows it, but they don’t care. They like the money. They totally forgot to say fluoride doesn’t cause cancer and brittle bones, though. Not sure why they left that out. They did say GMO food is evil. They really meant that one. Saying that pesticide is good for you would be like…

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