“Formaldehyde in E-cigs” study a HOAX but still published in New England Journal of Medicine and blasted across internet by Big Tobacco!

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It was all a scare tactic to keep smokers away from electronic cigarettes. Some Portland State University scientists published a “peer-reviewed” letter in the New England Journal of Medicine summarizing a study on e-cigarettes that said the vapors contain formaldehyde. In fact, “High Levels of Formaldehyde Hidden in E-Cigarettes” was the headline at NBC.com. “E-Cigarettes Not Safer Than Ordinary Cigarettes” was another headline at Tech Times, and yet another claimed e-cigs to have a HIGHER cancer risk than smoking. This sounds a lot like the arsenic in California wines scare we all caught wind of last week. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, exposed this huge HOAX with a brilliant video short that is a must see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZp49O0sUhc

… and here’s the full article – – a must read: http://www.naturalnews.com/049295_arsenic_in_wine_mainstream_media_science_hoax.html

The scientists claim to have found formaldehyde when running the electronic cigarette device at high voltage. The conclusion? Heavy users of…

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