New CIGARETTE and E-Cig study compilation: Recent research on cigarettes ends up revealing the best way to end the habit scientifically!

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A couple years ago, Mike Adams, Editor-in-Chief of Natural, the most-visited health news website in the world, created his own lab and began doing the job the FDA is supposed to do, examine food for chemicals that cause cancer and other health detriment.

Now, Natural Newsis in the “cigarette news” again. Featuring major headlines about studies done that reveal heavy metal toxins in cigarettes, hoaxes about formaldehyde in electronic cigarettes, and natural remedies for eliminating the craving of nicotine forever. These are iconic moments in the history of health, and this is the arch enemy of Big Tobacco and the whole commercial cigarette industry. The nemesis of the “cancer stick” has arrived, and those who choose to ignore it will miss THE TRUTH. Those who choose to study it will immediately gain control of their personal health, their personal vitality, and the knowledge to choose what makes them strong…

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