Fake “Public Health” Interest Group Exposed! – – American Council on Science & Health nothing more than propaganda for the Chemical Industrial Complex

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Have you heard of ACSH, the American Council on Science and Health? They’re proudly selling you your own demise while promoting it as healthy! Aren’t you excited. In this case, demise means health destruction, fast or slow, doesn’t matter. Do you, your family or your corporation deal in chemicals that end up in foods, drinks, cosmetics, tobacco, personal care products or vaccines that cause health detriment? If not, you cannot be part of this club. The American Council on Science & Health is very busy raising funds, donations and soliciting for their publications that indirectly inform the public about how it’s safe to eat bug-killer, weed-killer, and to put it on your skin daily. They have a funding goal of about two million dollars a year – won’t you help? Do you need your chemical-product company to have good reviews and your products touted as healthy? It’s easy, just donate…

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