He wondered, “What if I could quit cigarettes right now”


Ending any addiction seems impossible if you’re “down in it.” The beauty is you can look back one day and see what you overcame. Some of us beat all odds to stay alive, and some of us look back, realize, and then go on to thrive. Once upon a time there was a man who smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, and he even smoked when he was taking a shower. You can’t make this up. He was selling home purification systems to people so if they had allergies or asthma, they could clean the air, carpet and wood floors of their homes with this amazing machine called a Rainbow. It was rather ironic that he sold these systems even though he was a smoker. People didn’t care. When they saw the demo, they bought the rainbow. One day, he was offered, for free, to learn an organic way to quit smoking, but he wouldn’t try. At that moment, he didn’t really WANT to quit. You see, you have to WANT to quit an addiction to actually quit it, on your own that is.

Once upon a time, long before that, he had once decided, that was it! He would quit smoking. It didn’t work. Well, it worked for a few months, but then he went back to smoking. It started back with just that “one cigarette” and like an undertow he got dragged back in. Back then he had a wife too. She used to be a smoker. She hated his cigarettes. He said, “I’ll quit soon, but I’m too stressed right now.” She’d say, “sure you will.”

He had lost two sisters, a brother, a mother and two uncles to cancer, but he just giggled and kept smoking. His friends were not allowed to talk to him anymore about quitting. He had created shields with all his relatives so they could not discuss the habit with him either. He was smoking his way right into cancer. But time went by, and one day, he learned that the guy with the “organic method” was called the “Stop Smoking King”  his eyes lit up a little and he wanted to know more. He has always wanted to meet a king. The “King” told him how, when and why he invented the organic method. This king was still just your ordinary guy who just felt empathy for people addicted to cigarettes, and had invented this organic method, where you smoke organic tobacco for the last 14 days, about 3 cigarettes worth a day, and then you infuse nutrition and these so called Superfoods, and then you don’t even crave nicotine anymore. He says nicotine addiction lasts only 4 days, but the withdrawal of nutrition due to being a smoker for so long must be replaced, rebalanced and re-fortified so you don’t go back to smoking the first sign of stress.

And this, the “Stop Smoking King” told the 3-pack-a-day “shower” smoker. And when the 3-pack a day smoker heard this from the inventor, he got very excited and he WANTED to quit. He wondered again, “What if I could quit cigarettes right now?” And so he tried the organic method. 14 days went by and Mr. “3-pak” had no cravings. He had NO cigarette “hangovers” and he actually felt great. This was the end of the end, so to speak, and his final farewell to those cancer sticks. Nobody ever really congratulated him. Nobody knew how long he longed to quit.

Now he looks back and laughs at his old ways, knowing he will never go back to them. This is the ultimate reward.

The moral of the story is that we have to reward ourselves for doing great things because we won’t always get that pat on the back or that trophy.

So, are you ready do something great with your life right now? Quit cigarettes. Here’s how:


called “14AndOut”: http://programs.naturalnews.com/14AndOut__TV.htm




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