Inside the Smoker’s Prison – With a Blueprint Plan for Escape

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Behind the “bars” of the CTP – the “Commercial Tobacco Penitentiary” – live forty five million Americans trapped in a prison of nicotine, pesticides, ammonia, bleach and fiberglass. When they smoked their first commercial cigarette, they had no idea they were “incriminating” themselves and incarcerating their lungs in “solitary confinement,” with no hope of escape, except for the ones who have the “blueprint” plan. There’s a path out of the labyrinth, but not many prisoners know about it. It takes about sixty minutes to “follow the path” through the corridors, past the turnkeys and the screws, past even the warden himself, through the yard where the snipers can’t see, down the road less traveled, right to freedom. Are you willing to go that extra “mile?” Do you have the willpower? There are three phases of preparation before your escape can begin. It’s time to unravel the blueprint plan, in the quiet concentration that lies before you. This is your way out.


Knowledge of the Chemicals: Stored inside each cigarette there is bleach (paper), toxic herbicide weed-killer (on the tobacco), toxic insecticide used to kill tobacco eating worms, and there is flammable ammonia. Stored inside the corridor of each cigarette there is cellulose acetate, a kind of plastic that burns at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit during the inhale. Stored in each filter are tiny shards of glass that rip apart your epithelial tissue, causing emphysema, COPD, asthma and bronchial infection. Inside the nic-fit “tunnel” there is formaldehyde, the chemical used to embalm dead people. All of these toxins engulf the left and right corridors (lungs). Do not travel this way! It is detrimental to your health and you won’t escape. You must choose the “other” path that is the “natural” path. It is directly in front of you now.

Behavior Modification: For months, years and maybe decades, you have been traversing the path of chemical pollution and lead a life of health “crime.” You were sentenced to this place for injuring your body, slowly, over time, and you probably longed for escape since it became a pack-a-day problem. Most inmates who stare at cement walls 23 hours a day cannot “see the light” to escape or even imagine a true escape, one that lasts forever. Still, the smoker’s prison is but a facade because the drug addiction of nicotine is broken in just three to four days. But the body needs sunlight, fresh air and clean water. The body needs nutrients, vitamins, minerals and green plants to survive and thrive. The escape is MORE than an escape from the prison and the cell, but from a way of life. The escape involves deep breathing exercises, more than one hour of sunlight, and the cleanest food on the earth – and that is organic and raw fruits and vegetables, and organic raw nuts, sprouts and seeds. Once outside the “prison walls” – – the key to permanent freedom is to never again “consume” the chemicals crafted by the chemical industrial complex, including GMO food, tap water and toxic vaccines. Never again eat prison “slop.” Never again smoke their “stogies.”

Nutrition: Currently, your body is nearly VOID of nutrition and nutrients. Cigarettes and “prison food” have destroyed all of your good gut bacteria and flora, and that is why you feel sick and in need of medical attention on a regular basis. Today, for your escape, you will not consume these deadly chemicals, but instead you will fast. This includes not drinking the fluoridated water, the same water that was given to the Jews in Nazi Germany during WWII, to keep them weak, sick and dying and so they couldn’t escape. Organic food is just around the corner for you. Now you have the right plan, you can simply “work it” without second guessing ever again. That is the key when you have a good plan, you just work it, even when you see what appears to be obstacles. You can see clearly now that you have the blueprint! You are ready for the “sixty minute tour.” Get “outside” the smoker’s prison in sixty minutes. Freedom for you starts right now.


How to “Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days” (“14AndOut!”) is a sixty minute video course that comes with a nutritional guide recommended by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Editor-in-Chief of, and by world-leading nutritionist and best-selling author David Wolfe.

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