All Americans should be asking, “Why do we need government permission to get married in the first place?”

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Why does the government have to even grant such a “right” to anyone? The very idea that the government must be petitioned to “earn” the right to be married is proof that Americans are total mind slaves to the idea that the government has the right to control their lives at every level, all the way down to deciding who their spouses can be. The gay community petitioning the government for the “right” to marry is like the slave peons begging the King for the right to keep the food they grow on their own land.

It’s absurd! In a truly free country, no one would have to petition the government to grant them a “right” they were already born with. From the moment of birth, you have every right to decide whom you wish to love, or partner with, or live with. No government has any legitimate right to…

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