Anti-Cancer News: McDonald’s business is crumbling, just like the processed GMO products found inside every bite they serve to the billions

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japan halts mcdoo

Everybody knows fast food is bad for you, but few know HOW BAD. Health enthusiasts won’t even go near anything that comes out of the place. The fries are cooked in the chicken oil. The chemicals used to treat, color, fry, microwave and bag are chemicals you would rush to wash off your hands if you worked at the factory. The drive through world and the four dollar happy meal has finally hit rock bottom, and even the Mickey-Dees addicts are pulling away. Where are they going? Chipotle! Trader Joes to buy decent bread and clean meat to make their own sandwiches. McDonald’s is falling apart, closing stores right and left and losing business in general and the other fast food joints are shaking in their boots. Who’s next?? Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s? Chik-Fil-A??

Will the Pizza Hut “cave in” and will the Dominoes “Fall”?

 Will people start demanding…

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