Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) the end of Big Tobacco Cigarette Addiction for millions!!!

Stop Smoking King approves this message!

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Great news! Electronic cigarettes are serving as a “Bridge to Freedom” as commercial smokers switch over on their way out of the “Big Tobacco” nightmare.

Published in the journal Addiction, a recent study out of Great Britain suggests that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit cigarettes, and the astonishing part is that going to e-cigarettes likens your chances of quitting commercial cigarettes by a WHOPPING 60%. That completely blows away any statistics ever proven by the CDC for scary commercials, chantix or zyban chemical mind-altering medications, the nicotine patch, nicotine gum or any other “shallow” approaches to ridding the body of nicotine addiction and the pesticides, tar and plastic chemicals that have driven most smoker’s health to the brink. That means six out of ten commercial cigarette smokers are likely to drop the cancer sticks when they pick up electronic cigarettes or “vaping.”

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Most people want…

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