Stop! Listen … Top 21 Reasons to Stop Smoking by 2016!


Nobody even warns you anymore, or asks you to quit, or tells you how bad they are for you, or tells you a list of crazy chemical ingredients in those cigarettes anymore because you’ve put up shields–they’ve been warned not to bother you because it’s just no use. Sometimes, though, you stand around thinking, usually while you’re smoking, about quitting those damned things for good and turning some things around, like how you breathe, smell, and how others perceive you. Smokers don’t get much sympathy either. Addictions are like dark secrets, except for smokers, it’s all exposed. You can’t hide the smell that trails you into the house or office. You can’t hide the burn holes in clothes and the car, well, that’s a whole issue in and of itself. It’s been quite dangerous at times, too, like when you fall asleep with a lit one, or almost fall asleep, or almost wreck the car–oh the angst, the anger, the bi-polar moments.


Are your emotions being controlled on both sides of your brain by the extended “reward system neurons” that you’ve been over-exciting with jacked-up nicotine? Those dreaded chemicals they put in cigarettes can drive you crazy, making small problems seem huge, and making obstacles seem like they’ll never go away. Smoking ammonia, bleach and fiberglass can be really rough on the throat, windpipe and lungs. The doctors can’t do a thing about it. You don’t need to talk things through, you’ve already done that.


You’ve tried or at least thought about quitting smoking a million times, but the best reasons to quit smoking are the ones that really drive people to quit. What’s better is when you know WHY you’re going to quit and exactly HOW. Let’s review the top 21 reasons to quit smoking by 2016, and then your resolution can be whatever your positive thinking can rustle up!


Top 21 Reasons to Stop Smoking by New Year’s Eve


#1. You wish you could laugh hard without coughing in the middle and ruining it.


#2. You waste at least $50 a week on something that’s killing you slowly and methodically.


#3. You’re tired of your breath and clothes stinking like cooked, pesticide-laden tobacco.


#4. Your love life would be so much better.


#5. You’re really scared of dying of cancer.


#6. You can barely taste good food.


#7. Your wife or husband (or boyfriend or girlfriend) has been begging you to quit.


#8. You almost burned down your house or apartment.


#9. Your kids are suffering from second hand smoke (that science is proving is as bad as smoking the cigarettes).


#10. You (or your wife) are pregnant or planning to have a new child soon.


#11. Someone close to you has cancer or just died of it.


#12. You want to get in better shape for spring and summer 2016.


#13. Every time you get sick it lasts way too long.


#14. You just can’t breathe right anymore.


#15. Your health care bills are getting bigger and bigger. (It could have been vacation money).


#16. Nobody thinks you can or will.


#17. You want control of your mental state all day and you’re sick of the anxiety cigarettes bring.


#18. You can’t seem to get a date, or keep a girlfriend or boyfriend long.


#19. You have brain fog, discolored teeth and headaches all day.


#20. You don’t feel like you care about much anymore.


#21. You can’t think of a reason not to quit.



So, what’s your favorite one? Make it your montra. Say it to yourself over and over … “Noone thinks I can quit” or “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”


Great. So you’ve got your main reason or reasons and a montra. You’re all set to find out HOW you will quit smoking, for real. Thousands of people are on alternative news and talking about a fairly new natural method that incorporates chemical knowledge, behavior modification and nutrition, the best of all realms and it’s easy to understand and follow. It’s a one-hour instructional video invented by an ex-smoker who explains the best strategies and easy steps to overcome nicotine addiction, hand-to-mouth habits, and insert breathing rituals and nutrient boosters that change the way you feel so you won’t even want to smoke. That’s the key. Write down a new saying for yourself for the New Year and on New Year’s Eve, no matter how cheesy or goofy this may seem now, you will be living your new dream smoke free.


14AndOut–The Natural Method

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