The Smoker’s Convention

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smokers outside

Welcome to …. the Smoker’s Convention – and the “ups” and “downs” of sharing cigarette time outside with friends and/or coworkers … You see, there are SO many rituals that go along with smoking cigarettes, like packing the pack on your palm, or packing each individual cigarette, or hanging the cigarette out of your mouth for minutes on end before lighting it, or almost lighting it over and over while engaging conversation, but savoring the actual “lighting” moment for later. Then there’s the breathing ritual–inhale, hold, hold, hold, maybe say a word or two, exhale through nose–repeat cycle. Also, there’s the extinguishing rituals, and everybody has their own way of grinding it out, plucking it into the street or dabbing it on the side of an ashtray. The biggest and most important ritual of all is the smoker’s convention–that little group of outcasts that leave the inner office and venture…

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