Food Forensics – The New Book Hits the Shelves this July!

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Over the past 75 years, as the USA has developed new chemicals for agriculture, personal care products, hospitals, businesses, homes, and schools, so has developed, unfortunately, the widespread contamination of our conventional food, tap water and allopathic medicine. Many of the industrial and processing chemicals of these industries go completely untested, unchecked, and unlabeled, or the “ingredients” are so long and complicated, people don’t even know whether they are foods, chemicals, synthetic preservatives, toxic herbicides, pesticides, concentrated salts, artificial sweeteners, plastics (BPA), known carcinogens, excitotoxins, genetically modified organisms, or deadly artificial ingredients. The lab director at the Consumer Wellness Center, Mike Adams, also known as the Health Ranger and Editor-in-Chief of, uses high-end ICP-MS instrumentation to detect heavy metal toxins, dangerous pesticides and even herbicides in foods, superfoods, tap water, cigarettes and vaccines (including the flu shot)–down to the parts per billion. These heavy metal toxins may include lead, aluminum, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, uranium and even tungsten, which was never examined as a food toxin before.

Since 2013, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has discovered a whole world of “hurt” that most consumers never even considered before. Could a vast majority of America’s preventable diseases really be cured in one fell swoop with this prolific collection of information revealing what’s really in our food? In his new book, we begin to realize, thanks to Mike Adam’s persistent research and courage to spread the truth, that the US regulatory agencies not only DO NOT do their jobs safeguarding food, water and medicine, but they are paid to do the opposite–to deregulate certain industries so corporations can “get away with murder” by infusing chemicals into the agriculture and medicine in order to turn profits–to the tune of billions of dollars yearly.

Mike Adams is an outspoken consumer health advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, internet activist, and science lab director, who has released his research to this point for free, as a public service via Natural Health News. Now, everything has been synthesized in his new book, bringing together years of information that blows the lid off the Big Food and Big Pharma industries and their haphazard ways of polluting our country and debilitating public health in the process. Adams is also the Director of the Natural News Store facility, which is certified organic by the USDA. In this aspect, Adams helps formulate nutritional products, assess the raw materials for quality, and can examine ingredients and scrub for heavy metal toxins in the ICP-MS Natural News “Forensic Food Lab” – – down to parts per million (ppm) and parts per billion (ppb). Mike Adams, a very accomplished nutritionist, investigative reporter and science lab director has attained training and certification to operate a growing list of laboratory testing equipment, including digital microscopes. These are some of the same methods utilized by the EPA for sample preparation and quality control calibrations for testing equipment.

Four three years now, Adams has spent countless hours in the lab making discoveries and inventions all the while. For example: Adams revealed that whole, unprocessed foods have a natural ability to retain toxic heavy metals during digestion, preventing the metals from being absorbed into the body. This discovery by Adams has been named the “Metals Retention Factor” (MRF). This discovery blows the lid off of a previous assumption made by many scientists that foods are all “fully broken down during digestion” to release all of their elemental composition.

This research shows that foods, herbs and even dietary supplements retain a certain percentage of each toxic element, called the Metal Retention Factor (MRF). The discovery of MRF means we must all look at protein powders and liquid mineral supplements carefully to be sure they are not contaminated with toxic elements and heavy metals. Adams also discovered what is now termed Metals Capturing Capacity (MCC), or the ability of any given food or dietary substance to bind with and “capture” toxic elements like lead, mercury, cadmium or cesium-137 was named by Mike Adams as the Metals Capturing Capacity (MCC).

“Award-winning investigative journalist and activist Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” is founder and editor of, the number one most visited natural health website in the world. With more than 5 million unique visitors a month, is the trusted source for health information for countless readers. Now, in an industry first, Adams and his team put the things we eat every day under the microscope to expose the hidden truth about the contaminants in our foods.”


Through incredible high-resolution microscope images, Food Forensics shows us what we can’t see on our own and test levels of lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and more in common foods and additives, from cereals, soups, and other pre-packaged meals to fast food and medicinal herbs. Adams’s tests reveal the differences between organic and non-organic foods, GMO and non-GMO certified foods, and more, plus which foods and brands are the cleanest. All test results adhere to EPA-approved lab protocols, exceeding even Consumer Reports levels of accountability, and have been verified by a third-party university lab.
Food Forensics: The Health Ranger’s Guide to Foods that Harm and Foods that Heal

Food Forensics discloses how food contamination happens and why it matters, and provides valuable information on how you can protect yourself. If the FDA and the USDA won’t safeguard us from food contamination, the Health Ranger will.

Here’s the preview to the book on Amazon being published in late July:


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Science.NaturalNews: Ask any science related question and get REAL answers and great research resources: New, Powerful, General Search Engine for Natural Health Information (Where no corporations are allowed to edit or post, like they can at Google and Wikipedia)


About the Editor and Founder of

Mike Adams, known as the “Health Ranger,” is an outspoken consumer health advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, internet activist, and science lab director. He is the founder and editor of, the internet’s most-trafficked natural health news website. He is also the creator of,,,, and several other websites covering natural health topics. Adams is a prolific writer and has been called “the best health and natural products writer on the scene today,” by Ronnie Cummins, founder, Organic Consumers Association. He has received accolades and testimonials from several key influencers in the natural health space, including Dr. Michael T. Murray and raw food pioneer David Wolfe.


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