Autism is caused by VACCINE toxins overloading the central nervous system – total CDC cover-up unveiled

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Since as far back as 2002, the CDC has been covering up a link between autism and the MMR vaccine. Dr. William W. Thompson, a Senior Scientist and Epidemiologist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Immunization Safety Branch), decided to share a vaccine-autism connection confession letter (an email Dr. Thompson wrote to officials at CDC via his attorneys) –that was forwarded to the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Editor-in-Chief of for publishing on the world’s most visited health news websitethat publishes ten to fifteen professional and current event articles daily, which are read by over seven million health enthusiasts across the globe. (1) Mike Adams is himself a whistleblower, and as a scientist with a forensics food lab, where he investigated the (fluluval) flu shot for heavy metal toxins(2) down to the parts per billion, has exposed the vaccine industry negligence when it…

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